It has been proven that many people do their best thinking and planning in the shower.  What makes me any different?  Well, nothing.  I am also one of those people who do a lot of thinking when I take my morning shower, but decided I want to share it with the world (and perhaps get some discussions going).

I am a 34 year old white male in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I often think about, am interested in and write about a wide variety of topics, including (but not limited to) finances, cars, technology, music, photography, my pets, relationships, humanity and light politics.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at martinblaauw@me.com or feel free to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey man, I have been following your blog and I’m enjoying it. I think a lot in my shower also, probably too much. I too am a new blogger and I’m doing the Zero to Hero challenge. I find that it is helping me a lot. Anyway, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I’m not sure if you have ever heard of it before but you can read about it in my post. Hopefully it will help you get some new readers. Keep up the good work. http://insearchofadam.wordpress.com/?p=262&preview=true


    1. Hi Adam
      Thank you for your kind comments and for the Liebster Award Nomination. I have another one pending as well, but will do yours as well. Thank you for following my blog. I’m following (and loving) yours too.
      Hope to chat to you often.


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I will be sharing the thoughts I have when I shower (and some other random ideas I get) on this blog.

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